Community Primary School Programme


It is globally recognize that children are the foundation of the future world as they will be hold responsible places in the world in future. Education is a vital prerequisite in the context of raising their awareness, especially on the issues pertaining to the environment. Therefore, as an incentive to develop the community skills and talents of coastal kids for their future employment instead of turtle egg gathering and selling turtle eggs & meat for their source of income, the TCP has launched the educational concept of the community primary school programme. At the same time, this also provides an alternative income for some community members, keeping close contacts with adult coastal community members linking TCP with children education.  In return they contribute in some way for the conservation of sea turtles and their habitats. (e.g. releasing the entangled sea turtles from their fishing nets.)

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TCP has continuously sponsored five different community primary schools located in coastal areas of Sri Lanka, such as in Rekawa, Bundala, Panadura, Kankakkuliya and Kosgoda. TCP donate baby chairs, baby desks, toys, educational materials, and blackboards for the primary schools. Also the TCP has employed primary teachers at some locations and encourage them to conduct the classes with more care. In Rekawa, TCP bears the cost to provide free herbal drink cup for the primary school children.