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Being a tropical island located in Indian Ocean, it is blessed with a high diversity of nature. From golden sandy beaches, to misty mountains, habitats range in a vast field. Tropical Rain forests play a major role in bio- diversity, while it shows a high endemism. Cloud forests located in high mountains also show a high endemism. Lagoons, estuaries, sand dunes, and various other mud flats located along coastal belt play a great role in conservation as habitats. Besides natural habitats Sri Lanka has a very wide range of agricultural lands including paddy fields, rubber plantations, coconut and tea in vast extent. Terraced paddy fields make a scenic view, while travelling through mountain areas. Tea plantations in high hills are highly scenic, while rubber plantations make good habitats for insectivorous fauna along with other agricultural habitats that make good wildlife habitats.

Hypnale hypnale (16) copy copy Philautus pleurotaenia ! (28) copyBeing a nation with an ancient history, Sri Lanka holds a high variety of traditions and customs, which please a traveler who visits and travels throughout. The historical sites in the north too enriched with a great wildlife that makes a real experience with combination of both nature and culture to the tourist.

We invite you to explore the ‘Pearl of the Indian ocean’ to get a memorable experience of nature of this wonderful island, blended with culture. We have country’ leading birding and wildlife tour leaders to make your tour the best of any you have done. More importantly the profit earned goes to conservation activities, via the organization.


We arrange

Specialized Birding tours-
Sri lanka Hanging Parrot TroganBird watchers find that Sri Lanka is a great destination to find their lifers as the island is located at a great point on earth. Sri Lanka has a high avian diversity with over 450 species. 34 endemic species as well as a great number of sub-continent endemics are found and seen relatively easily here in Sri Lanka. In addition, a great number of winter migrants accumulate in the island each season, being located as the last land mass of the Central Asian Indian flyway. Nocturnal birds, which is another thrill to see, we have great opportunities.

Specialized Butterfly tours-
Sri Lanka has 245 species of butterflies, which include 23 endemics. We will be able to arrange tours for butterfly watchers in appropriate season in best sites of the island.

Specialized Mammal Tours-
Whale watching expeditions-
General wildlife tours- we will be able to organize wildlife tours to observe birds, mammals, butterflies, marine mammals for both casual and expert observer.

All tours are led by expert tour leaders.
Besides aforementioned tailor- made tours, Customized tours, according to client’s requirements, could be arranged. All tours include pick-up from the airport, transport by highly comfortable vehicles, food and accommodation at high standard to basic (in forested areas) hotels or lodges and airport drop. Expert tour leader will be accompanied you throughout your tour.

Please, contact us to get your tour arranged in this beautiful country.

“Join our hands in conservation with a memorable exploration experience.”

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