Sagara Soba-2021 (Scenic Ocean) All-Island Online Art Competition

වෙරළේ අසිරිය 2017

Organized by the Turtle Conservation Project- Sri Lanka

The World Beach Month is celebrated worldwide on the month of September. In line with the World Beach Month, the “Sagara Soba-2021” (Scenic Ocean) Art Competition organized by the Turtle Conservation Project is scheduled to take place within the month of September. School children from Ages 5-18 are welcome to participate in this month-long venture into capturing the beauty of the marine environment.

Theme: The wonderful elements in the marine environment including, but not limited to marine animals, mangrove habitats, coral reefs, seagrass beds, sunsets, beach, human activities by the coast, etc.

SAGARA SOBA – 2021 Winners List



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