Turtle Conservation Project (TCP) of Sri Lanka | TCP Volunteer Programme
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TCP Volunteer Programme

TCP’s volunteer program is designed with the idea of capacity development of the TCP and allowing communication links between people from various backgrounds. Further, the volunteering program will be a projection to TCP for its overall improvement and will facilitate two-way inputs and appropriate suggestions which will help to develop new concepts.

The volunteers would gain a lot of knowledge, skills, and hands-on experience on various topics related to marine and coastal issues by covering a broad range of ecosystems and habitats. Volunteers are provided with training by qualified professionals on the above-mentioned topics necessarily. In addition to this, TCP has an eminent amount of literature collection and publications which are available for their reference, as well as a substantial collection of photographs taken by various TCP staff members. If the volunteers are interested in doing research, they have a perfect opportunity with many possibilities and areas still to be examined.  Whereas, community-based projects, tourism projects, and plans are majorly facilitated by TCP.

Being a volunteer at TCP offers you a wide range of activities that suit each individual. They may be basically required to perform the following activity/activities based on their personal preferences,

  • Identify Sea turtle species that frequently visit and forage around Sri Lankan beaches
  • Collect biometric data on nesting turtles and hatchlings
  • Tag new migrants
  • Be involved in the design of new concepts, strategies, and practical implementation of methods to further marine turtle conservation efforts.
  • Promote the turtle night watch program.
  • Engage in mangrove restoration program to field monitoring and evaluation
  • Be a part of the research team to collect data on mangrove restoration sites


We warmly welcome all the environment conservation enthusiasts and encourage you to join us & have an unforgettable volunteer experience with team TCP.